Why HER?

Women are the leaders of their communities. They bear and raise the children, care for the home, and work outside the home to provide for their families.

In developing countries the water they drink is often unsafe, containing bacteria and parasites that cause constant illness. The lack of safe water has locked many women into a cycle of poverty. It’s a serious issue of injustice, one that Healing Waters is working to solve through The Her Initiative.

The Her Initiative is providing access to clean water and specific health & hygiene curriculum to women in the developing world. This is an initiative to get women here supporting women there. We want you to be a part of this community!


The Her Initiative was birthed in 2015 out of a passion to empower women through clean water.

Since 2002, Healing Waters International has been providing safe water to thirsty communities around the world by developing low-cost high-impact water treatment systems that can go anywhere – with over 160 water projects in 13+ countries! Over the years Healing Waters saw how women were most affected by the global water crisis.

So in 2012, they were compelled to invest in these lives and began implementing a female-specific health & hygiene program called ‘Clothed With Strength and Dignity’. The Her Initiative is focused on building a community of women to further this cause.

'If we can bring together women to support her – help educate, empower & resource her – she can change the world!'

Kayla Fruchtman

Founder of The Her Initiative

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When you give $25 a month for a year, you will provide 25 women and children with access to safe, clean water and vital health & hygiene education. That means over the course of a year, 1 woman here can transform the lives of 25 women there!

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If I’m being honest, I’m not super great at the whole self-love thing. I would rather support and encourage my tribe than take time to take care…

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”Mary Oliver

why empowering women is so important


We ask ourselves, “How can Healing Waters make a significant contribution toward such a big need – 800 million people who still need access to safe water?”

Our answer: We can go where it is the most difficult to get safe water flowing. We can take water across real but invisible water boundaries. These boundaries are sometimes created by the mere distance from a recently installed water point, or by economics, culture, religion or gender differences. We seek to reach communities where the water hasn’t yet flowed across these boundaries.

The Her Initiative is our response to many of these boundaries and how they deeply affect women. Globally, women and children spend over 140 million hours collecting water daily! Girls miss 145 million days of school every year due to dirty water.  We aren’t ok with this and we know you aren’t either. 

As a father of two young, successful women, I can hardly imagine what their lives would be like if we had lived in a community without access to clean, safe water. Just like I want the best for my daughters, I want the best for the women we work with – and I’m seeing that through The Her Initiative.

CEO, Healing Waters International

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