Our New Intern: Meet Elise

Our New Intern: Meet Elise


My name is Elise Kemp and I have the privilege of working with The Her Initiative and Healing Waters as a Marketing and Development intern for the next couple of months. I write my own blog about the adventures that God has taken me on, so I am beyond excited to contribute to this community of women here empowering women there.

The journey that led me to where I am now is marked by direct confrontation with unclean water sources in the developing world, the Lord’s steadfast guidance in navigating my way through a broken world, and a heart touched by Jesus’ passion for people.

While in a village in rural Guatemala, Jesus revealed to me a new part of His heart for the world through the face of a little girl swimming in a dirty canal. He revealed to me that making beauty out of brokenness is exactly what He’s in the business of. He recklessly abandoned heaven just to come into my mess because He couldn’t imagine heaven without me. This passion tore through my heart and cannot help but overflow.

He called me to be more like Him in this way: using my hands and feet to physically reach out to those in unreached places and draw them closer to Him.

A physical, tangible way that many people in the developing world need to be reached out to is through the basic yet vital necessity of clean water. It is an injustice that any woman would be denied the opportunity to reach her full potential because of a lack of clean water. Preventable hours spent gathering water and preventable diseases contracted hinder her ability to pursue her God-given purpose.

This is the injustice that fires me up the most. When I looked into the soft, glistening eyes of the little girl in Guatemala, I saw a life for which God had plans for good, not for disaster, for a future and a hope. I saw a life with the potential to influence with beauty and grace. How is it that the simple lack of water could hinder her world- changing potential?

The United Nations designated March 22nd as World Water Day, a day dedicated to taking action in tackling the Global Water Crisis. Next Wednesday, would you take a step of action with us in ending the vicious cycle of illness, poverty, and hopelessness that unclean water perpetuates?

While it’s overwhelming to comprehend the vast amount of lives in need of this hope, and it may seem impossible to make a big difference, I’ve found that I can absolutely take responsibility for making a big difference for one life. Each one is so valuable. And each one of us has the valuable power to transform an individual life. Guy Ryder, the chair of UN-Water says:

“Do what you can, do it with others, and do it with passion.”

I would add to that… “and watch God multiply the amount you do for Him.”

For just $25 a month, (the equivalent of what we usually spend on lattes every month), 25 women and children are provided with access to safe, clean water and vital health & hygiene education over the course of a year. Even as a money-saving, budgeting college student, I’ve found that what I have could be worth a whole lot more to her.