DIY Guide: The Perfect At-Home Facial

DIY Guide: The Perfect At-Home Facial


You will need:

  • Facial cleansing wipes
  • Face scrub
  • Clean wash cloth
  • Face mask
  • Facial moisturizer


Step 1 | Cleanse

Start with a clean slate. Use our favorite facial cleansing wipes or your own favorite cleanser. Just make sure and remove any make up or oils from your skin.



Step 2 | Exfoliate

Show your skin some love by removing dead skin cells and built up dirt. Do it yourself sugar scrubs are easy to make and usually require ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Try the cucumber mint sugar scrub we used!



Step 3 | Steam

Dampen a few clean washcloths, roll them up, and place them in a crockpot on low. Once you are ready to steam, remove and place over your face for 30 seconds to a minute. If you have especially sensitive skin, you may want to skip this step.



Step 4 | Mask

(Our favorite step). Choose a mask that’s right for your skin. We loved this brightening mask from Acure. Not all masks are alike. Be sure to read the directions for the mask you choose.



Step 5 | Moisturize

Your skin is fresh, clean, and revitalized! Now it’s time to moisturize. This natural moisturizer can be found at most drug stores.



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