Five Ways to Give $25 for 25 This Month

Five Ways to Give $25 for 25 This Month

This month marks the third year The Her Initiative has been impacting women around the world, giving them access to clean water, and helping them gain education in health and hygiene. These three years would not have been possible without the generous donation and support of women like you who use your gifts, talent, money, and time to support women in the developing world. So, firstly, we would like to say THANK YOU! You are amazing, and we appreciate all you have done so far.


However, our work is not done! We believe that, through your continued help, we can end the Global Water Crisis by 2030. So, as a birthday gift to us, would you consider making a one-time donation of $25? Our goal is to get 2,500 women to donate $25 by August 25 (our official birthday)! If this happened, we would be able to bring safe water to over 100,000 women and children!


Need some creative ideas on how you can be a part of this? We’ve got you covered! Here are five ways to save some money this month so you can invest it into women around the world.

  1. Cancel some of your subscriptions

We are all about having lazy Sundays where you take care of yourself by watching a show that makes you laugh (or cry…let’s be honest)! However, would you consider giving up your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other such subscriptions for just one month to help donate $25? You can use the free time you now have to invest in different types self-care. For example, journaling, re-reading a book you love, spending time with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or exercising.

  1. Cancel your gym membership

Speaking of exercise, we love empowering women to work out, especially when it means sweating for a cause through our Fit for Her Events. Trust us, we are all about using that time to invest in yourself and encourage you to love your body, and we are not trying to discourage that in any way. However, it’s summer! The sun is shining, and the world is your gym. That gym membership can wait for a few more months, and you can use the money you would have spent to bring safe water to other women.

  1. Buy used clothes

Here at the Her Initiative, we believe that fast fashion is toxic for many reasons: it depletes and pollutes natural resources like water, contaminates our land-fills, and can harm the people working in the factories and their families due to the contamination of their drinking water. Ethical fashion is a great answer to this, but can sometimes cost a pretty penny. A great way to save money you would have spent on clothing this month is to have some fun visiting local thrift stores where you’ll spend less and you’ll join us in being ethical with your shopping!

  1. Have a girls’ night in

Going out with your girls once or twice a month for night on the town is super fun, and most of the time isn’t complete without grabbing a bite to eat and a mimosa or two along the way. However, that can get a little pricey. Maybe this month, you could have a girls’ night in. Have a game night or a movie night. It can still be fun, but you won’t break the bank, and you can use that extra money to help women in the developing world who are building community as well.

5. Lastly, you can clear out unwanted items.

Minimalism is making a comeback. Millennials in particular are emphasizing cutting down on consumerism and owning only items (clothing, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc.) that they use regularly. Maybe this month, you can commit to minimalism and sell some items you no longer use to raise money for the Her Birthday!

We can’t wait to share with all of you how the money you donate will continue impacting and empowering women. Thank you for your constant support.



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