A Reflection for World Water Day

A Reflection for World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. An international observance and an opportunity to learn more about water related issues—including the 1.8 billion who live with contaminated water every day. Let me tell you what I find to be staggering about the global water crisis. The. Solution. Exists.

That might be an obvious statement, but for me it didn’t really sink in until last year when I was able to take a trip to the Dominican Republic with The Her Initiative.

In November 2017 I was fortunate to go on Healing Waters’ first Her Trip. Ten women converged from all around the US to travel to the Dominican and see the work of Healing Waters first hand.

When we touched down in Santo Domingo already bought into the notion that access to clean water is important. But during the ensuing days we were able to tangibly witness the difference it can make to a quality of life, which in turn fuels a hope for the future. I personally walked the one mile trip that until March of 2017 women in the remote community of Hoyo Oscuro walked, multiple times a day, to bring buckets of water back into their village. Dirty water, which the town’s people used straight from the bucket without even so much as a boil. I heard the testimony from the (female) pastor there about how illness in the community is down, and spirits are up because of access to clean water and the accompanying health and hygiene education. The. Solution. Exists.

I saw the sustainable model of empowering the local community members to be involved with the construction and operation of the water stores in their villages. And, how the communities with female leadership were thriving most! The. Solution. Exists.

Plus, I got to visit the most incredible preschool, El Almendro, in an impoverished suburb of Santo Domingo. The school is a place where 300 children between infant to five years old are being given a foundation to dream big. The clean water project at this school allows the kids to bathe, eat and drink without water born illness. Less sick days offers them the fullest extent of access to the teachers, doctors and psychologist at the school. The community around the school is learning by example, plus can buy into the water store co-op and extend clean water into the homes. Coming soon, a neighboring town will get its own water store and five entire communities will have clean water service. The. Solution. Exists.

What struck me most about seeing these clean water systems in action is, unlike some of the other great crisis’ of our time… THE. SOLUTION. EXISTS. It isn’t a matter of “if”. Ending the global water crisis is only a matter of “when”.  

On World Water Day, is there something you want to do to be part of the solution?

Written by Dianna Gonzales, Her Ambassador

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