A Woman For Her: Toya

A Woman For Her: Toya

“Accountability is highly important to me. I truly believe that in life we get back in return what we give. I teach my children the same.”

We recently got to sit down with Toya of In Her Heels, a style blog. She is a thirty-something wife and mother to two very beautiful, smart, and talented children. She’s a Texas native who loves to travel and has lived in Nashville, TN on two separate occasions, but made the move back to Texas when her son neared preschool age. Her favorite drink is a refreshing cup of natural lemonade on a hot summer day and she enjoys spending time in outdoor park settings and talking her husband to sleep!

We asked Toya to answer the following questions and we are so excited to share her heart with you!

Why is it important to you to be a part of The Her Initiative?

Being a part of The Her Initiative is a movement in the right direction. It is important to me because women empowering other women isn’t the most common action. Many speak and quote that women should support other women but fail to take the necessary action.

Take the entire population of the US and multiply that by 2.5.  That’s how many people don’t have access to clean water around the world. How does that make you feel?

It humbles me. The reality that the most basic need to survive is not accessible to some is simply mind blowing. Water is often taken for granted and the minute that our water is discolored it is reported to media and generally resolved. So with that in mind, while I don’t know the exact percentage I am well aware that there is plenty of water on this planet to go around. So with that I remain humbled and I am reminded of how blessed I am to have access to clean as well as filtered water.

What motivates you as a mother? Fashion blogger? Woman?

I am motivated by the fact that I have the ability to influence, empower, and encourage other individuals as a mother, through style, and as a woman. I am a strong advocate of encouraging and supporting others. Especially women. The standards that society holds women too are often too harsh and leave many women with self-confidence issues. Standards of beauty unfortunately pit women against one another. Instead of looking to be better than the next woman, I am motivated daily to be a better me. Self-confidence is the foundation of a woman’s journey and through my style blog I strive to convey the fact that it is OK to assert your passion, love yourself and express who you are. A woman with self-confidence is truly capable of empowering other women.

Can you tell us about a wotoya.blog photoman in your own life who has empowered you?

I learned at a very early age in life that I would have to be strong for myself. With that I’ve always paid special attention to women who take it upon themselves to empower self as well as others. Women in the media as well as women who cross my path in life. I wish I had one special woman in my life that I could truly accredit but I do not and that is what made me who I am. I am proud of my strength!

What could you give up to give $25/month?  What would you tell your friends to have them join?

Giving up $25 per month can be achieved many different ways such as choosing to pack a lunch and give up a take-out lunch for at least one week out of a month. The packed lunch may actually be the healthier alternative anyway!


Big thanks to Toya for sharing with us! We are so grateful to this community of women who are choosing to make a difference in this world! Women empowering women is our jam!

Photo Credit: In Her Heels Blog