Ambassador Introduction: Saying Yes to Helping Others

Ambassador Introduction: Saying Yes to Helping Others

Hi! I am so thrilled to be able to share with you why I am so excited to be a Her Ambassador.

I’m Jamie, live in Minneapolis and work full time as a Dental Hygienist. I’ve wanted to be a Dental hygienist since I was 12. It interested me because I wanted to bring smiles to those I work with every day. I can build relationships and educate my patients on the importance of oral health. I have loved building relationships with my patients and seeing them smile after leaving my care for 13 years.

I’ve always felt a desire to take that a step further and 2 years ago I was asked to go on a dental mission trip to the Dominican Republic and without hesitation said YES. It was the best decision I ever made. It opened me up to a whole new world, with a new perspective on life. It was a trip full of emotions including joy and heartbreak but most importantly hope. We were able to love and provide much needed dental care for people we never met by providing them something they had no access to. I left there with a full heart knowing we helped make a difference in a few lives that week.

After returning home from my second dental trip God put this desire in my heart that I can do more to show His love and to give more of myself to help others. I didn’t and still don’t know to what capacity that is but he brought the Her initiative to me at that moment. I instantly fell in love with what they are doing and knew I wanted to become involved. I mean, they provide health and hygiene education; something I do every day, and they provide access to clean water. More than that they provide hope. Hope for a healthy life and hope for a better future.

Together we can make this world a better place, we just need a little more love and hope. The Her Initiative and Healing Waters is doing just that by providing access to clean water and health education all over the world. They are such a blessing to so many and I am excited to be a small part in something so great!

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