Before Saying Yes: How to Spend Your Time Wisely

Before Saying Yes: How to Spend Your Time Wisely

As a busy college student, I have found that it is so easy to get involved with too many things at once, and I tend to spread myself thin. I’m at a point in my life where many different things excite me, and I don’t want to miss out on the fun that waits around every corner.


I love to sign up for new activities and meet new people, but as I have learned very quickly, over-committing myself to too many things means I can’t get as involved in each one as much as I would like. I start to lose focus of why I had committed to these things in the first place and get all caught up in the flurry of a full schedule. It’s easy to forget to take a breath.


When I commit to different things—whether that’s a new friendship that takes time and energy to cultivate, a new job that needs attention and focus, or even a new hobby which brings you passion and joy—I try to give it my all. But, these things require us to put work into them if we want to get anything out of them. This can be exhausting, and I often drive myself crazy with the challenge of balancing my time efficiently so that I don’t burn myself out.


If you fill your schedule with meetings and activities nonstop, your brain and body won’t get the energy it needs to recover so that you can continue making an actual impact in the things you commit to. That’s why, within the last couple of years, I have realized how important saving time for self-care is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while continuing to get involved with things I’m passionate about. When my life gets a little hectic, I take a step back and reflect. Whether that means taking a whole day for myself to go hiking, or relaxing for an hour with a facemask on while I watch my favorite TV show.


I have seen a drastic change in the way my energy affects my commitments after improving the way I manage my time. I take breaks when I need to and leave time to catch up with my own thoughts. In order to enrich my life doing the things I love with the people I love, I have to focus on growing myself positively first, and nothing is better for that than some time relaxing alone.


Staying active and doing positive things in your community through your commitments can take up a large portion of your daily time, so it’s important to remember that balance is the key. I don’t mean figuring out to juggling a million things so that you can fit it all in, but rather, picking and choosing commitments that are the most important to you first and figuring out a way to be more in touch with yourself in an equal way.


Now, as a college student, I commit my time to things that I know I can put all my energy into and schedule time for myself to re-energize, too. My college experience has been greatly enhanced with just a little reorganization of my schedule to make time for the things that matter to me without losing touch of my self-care.


I have found that, if you take care of yourself, you can better take care of the people you are investing in or the organizations you are helping. During my internship at Healing Waters International, I notice that, when I took time to rest and reflect, the work I was producing was higher quality. I hope that you can invest time in yourself, too.


Joey (Graphic Design Summer Intern)

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