Blog for Her

Blog for Her

Women have a way with words. There I said it! But really, we do. And I think it is a treasured gift. I meet more and more women and the words that flow from their hearts and their mouths floor me! There is so much wisdom, energy, and empowerment. There are stories that make us laugh, there are stories that pain us to share, and there are stories of hope.


I know you have those stories too! You have a conversation starter that is gold! You have a lot to say and it’s worth sharing! And guess what? By sharing, you are empowering other women around you. You are inviting them into your story and its shaping their own.


I’d like to give you a place to do that. To share your heart, to share a moment when you were empowered, to talk about the things that excite us here – the developing world, clean water, education! We are looking for some brave women to contribute to our blog and if there is even the slightest feeling that you might want to be a part of this community, send me an email!


While we can’t share everyone’s story, we will share many. And while we can’t post them all, I promise I’ll read them!


To guide you in what we are looking for, please see the list below:


-A story about a woman who has empowered you

-Nominating a #fridayhergirl

-Educating us on the clean water crisis

-Sharing how being a part of The Her Initiative has empowered you

-What does it mean to be an influencer?

-Host a Party for Her and then write a blog on it!


To talk about contributing to the blog email Kayla at



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