Cheers to Two Years ft. Desiree Siegfried

Cheers to Two Years ft. Desiree Siegfried

Two years ago, this little project called The Her Initiative began. Actually if I’m completely honest, it was a long time coming. I’ve shared this before but when I started The Her Initiative to empower women both here and there, it was a bit ironic because I felt so unempowered. I was walking through a dark season of life and knew there had to be more. I wanted to find a community of women who were truly about helping others. A community where all women were accepted and celebrated. I had an incredible group of friends around me but it felt like we all needed more.

So I did something crazy. I started emailing women all around the country who had a platform to help me share this message. The simple message that if we women here supported women in the developing world through the most basic need of clean water, we could do something huge! Lots of women didn’t respond. Some women replied and applauded my efforts but were too busy to be involved. One woman immediately jumped on board.

Her name is Desiree (Hartsock) Siegfried. Des believed in this cause before it was really anything. She understood the mission and saw the need and was also passionate about her voice helping women. Along with three other women, we went to the Dominican Republic for our first ever “her trip” and we all came back completely changed.

Fast forward two years and this little project has had huge impact on women all over the world! The four women who accompanied me on this trip played a significant role in helping spread our message so as we come up on celebrating our 2 year birthday, we want to celebrate them too!

Below is our first video highlighting Desiree’s experience on the trip. Over the next two weeks we’ll share each of our original influencer’s stories on that trip 2 years ago! Follow along and join us on this trip down memory lane! Click the image below to go to Desiree’s video.

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