Fit for Her: Denver Recap

Fit for Her: Denver Recap

AMAZING news! The Mile High City finally hosted its first ever Fit for Her event! We Coloradans have so much pride for our state, and especially for Denver. It was so incredible to see our own community and local women-owned businesses come together around our cause.

Even more amazing news: collectively, we raised enough money for 460 women and children to have access to clean water! 460 lives have been transformed. On one Saturday. All because women here decided to take action, sweat for a cause, and invest their resources where their hearts are.

There are so many people to thank, it would take an entire page, but we have been recognizing each of our vendors, our title sponsor, Worboys Design, and our fitness instructor hosts over on our Instagram if you want to check it out! To each and every one of you who came out, THANK YOU for your commitment. THANK YOU for standing with us in ending the Global Water Crisis!

We had awesome raffle baskets, vendors who promote conscious commerce, snacks from Kind and Justin’s, and so many beautiful friends! If you weren’t in Denver for this event, no worries…

You can bring Fit for Her to your city:

Check out our Fit for Her website to see if there’s an event coming to your city, and if there isn’t, contact Kayla at:  –– we would LOVE to get one started with you.

Keep the party going at home:

On the Party for Her link on our website, we have a variety of downloadable kits that resource you with everything you need to host a party of your own.

Party for Her is where fun and meaningful collide

Lastly, here are some long-awaited photos of you ladies who came out! Thank you for such an amazing turnout! These photos are also available for download, just make sure you give a shoutout to our wonderful photographer, @jessienicholephotography on social !

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