Clothed in Strength & Dignity
We want women around the world to know that they have purpose and they are worthy of love just by being who they are. Often, however, in the developing world, women feel a lack of dignity, not just about feminine hygiene but because of the mistreatment they frequently face. We believe nothing should steal away a woman’s value or dignity.
“Clothed in Strength and Dignity” is Healing Water International’s Health and Hygiene Program that exists to educate and inspire women to care for themselves and their families, ultimately protecting them from water-related diseases. It also encourages them to build relationships in a safe space with other women in their community.
The program consists of six comprehensive, engaging discussion groups led by a trusted and local facilitator in each community. The program is free to the women who participate. Each lesson begins with a devotional taught from Proverbs 31 or Psalm 139, reminding women of their intrinsic value and worth seen in the eyes of God. The meetings are discussion-based and applicable, teaching women concepts ranging from how clear water isn’t necessarily clean water, to sensitive topics related to feminine hygiene.
Our Curriculum

One thing women have in common – whether in a rural indigenous community, a church in a small town, or a rough inner-city neighborhood – is that they all feel alone and overwhelmed with the cares of the world. The vision of our program is to provide a vehicle for women come together with other women, share, and learn about things that affect their daily lives. Our health & hygiene program is simple, practical, and interactive.

The topics discussed in each meeting are:

  • Water is Life or Death – the importance of drinking safe water
  • Germs and Handwashing – how germs make us sick and how to prevent illness
  • Diarrhea & Dehydration – how to recognize and treat with oral rehydration solution
  • Clean House: Healthy Home – how to prevent contamination in the home
  • Personal & Feminine Hygiene – menstruation and safe hygiene practices
  • Nutrition for the Family – natural food groups, breastfeeding

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Here's the facts
90 percent
When women work, they invest 90 percent of their income back into their families, compared with 35 percent for men (UN)
1.4 million deaths
in 2016 were caused by diarrheal diseases (WHO)
1 in 5 girls
in developing countries who enroll in primary school never finish (USAID)
Educated mothers
mean healthy children. A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past age 5. (UNESCO)
160 million children
suffer from stating and chronic malnutrition linked to water and sanitation.
125 million hours
Women and children spend 125 million hours each day collecting water.
“Sometimes I didn't value myself as a woman...”


Watch her story below.
A Walk in Her Shoes

“I struggled at first with balancing my water in one hand, so I stared at the ground intently, trying not to slip with every step. I quickly became frustrated again as the bucket I carried made the already strenuous trek even more difficult. Suddenly, I glanced up in front of me to see a little girl trudging along the path just like me, but without any shoes. This jarred me and humbled me. With a smile on her face, she hopped from rock to rock and encouraged others to follow.

I realized that her walking barefoot was something much bigger than just a lack of shoes—this little girl represents courage like I had never seen in my life.

I finished the water walk in silence so I could contemplate my thoughts. I was awestruck by this little girl.”

“…She balances the now forty-pound bucket on her head and begins the steep descent back to her community, feet now covered in mud and brow drenched in sweat. When Pastor Marietta reaches the bottom of the mountain, she has no time to rest.

She must make this walk again five more times to provide enough water to last through the day for her three children and nine grandchildren.

Before March of 2016, this was Pastor Marietta and the rest of the women in Hoyo Oscuros’ stories. It isn’t their story anymore. Now, because of Healing Waters International, they have access to safe water in their homes every day. They have time to spend with their families, invest in education, and provide financially for their children…”

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