Healthy Her: Overpowering Cravings

Healthy Her: Overpowering Cravings

Today’s post is by Ashley Klaczak, a Physician Assistant who is extremely passionate about health and has a huge heart for women. She has dedicated her career to helping others achieve holistic health spiritually, mentally and physically, and we are so excited to share her wisdom with all of you. Enjoy! 

Temptations will forever be in our past, present and future. Whether we give in to them is another matter entirely.

Our spirit, mind and body were created to crave many things from love and knowledge, to food and water. We need essential nutrients, as well as key elements like sleep, love, and acceptance for us to feel nurtured, empowered and healthy. In order to fulfill these needs, we have been filled with healthy desires.

However, in life we often let our insecurities, anxiety and fears sway us away from fulfilling these desires in a healthy way. Instead, we try and satisfy them with unhealthy cravings that provide us with instant gratification. If we allow this to happen, then we will never feel completely satisfied or at peace.

As an Endocrinology Physicians Assistant (PA), I work mainly with hormones and the effect they have on different organs. As we feel emotions of anger, anxiety, remorse, sadness, jealousy, guilt and joy it creates a cascading release of hormones, which attach to receptors like “keys” and lead us to our next reaction. Whether that leads to crying for a healthy release or filling the void with chocolate determines whether or not we achieve sustaining relief.

Recently I realized that when I had an amazing day at work or if I was struggling with an unexpected obstacle, I wanted to “treat” myself. I succumbed to rewarding myself or filling the empty void with my instant gratification of choice: online shopping. Everyone has their own set of cravings whether it’s fast food, watching tv, playing video games, or some other guilty pleasure that we use to make ourselves feel better. Regardless of what we initially tell ourselves, we continue to act on these cravings even though we know the euphoria has a very short duration.

Eventually if we choose to be more self-aware, we can listen to our body’s real cravings, work to get at the root of the problem and start leading healthier lives. One of the most important questions that we must all ask ourselves before “overindulging” is “do I want it or do I need it?”

Most people also desire a quick fix to get healthy. Whether we have a specific number that we would like to see on the scale, or decide to choose one of the many crash diets or supplements shown on advertisements, we must remember the famous saying of the turtle parable: “slow and steady wins the race”.  As a health professional, I try to emphasize patience. My ultimate passion is to help women and men get healthy in a holistic manner by focusing on different life aspects: spirituality, mentality and physical awareness. All of these encompass important factors to help individuals reach their goals. If we get past our image and determine what entices and motivates us, then by eliminating these triggers or using different tools to navigate around them are key to success.

In order to be healthy, empowered individuals we need to understand the deeper desires and cravings that lead to these overindulges. With the new year just starting, I want to challenge you all when you have a craving to think it through before you try to fill it: what hole am I trying to fill?  What am I really craving? Is this a quick fix or will this really satisfy my soul?


  1. Wow! Beautifully spoken.

    Jan 18, 2016 - 10:34 PM
  2. Amber Wilhoit

    Well said, Ashley!
    You are an inspiration.

    Jan 19, 2016 - 12:01 PM