Her Ambassador: All in for HER

Her Ambassador: All in for HER

Hello, I’m Gina Gutierrez! I am honored to introduce myself as one The Her Initiative Ambassadors.

I am the founder and principal designer of Gina Rachelle Design, an interior design studio that specializes in residential and commercial spaces. Every morning I wake up and I am excited for the day ahead. When I am in my element of designing I feel like I have found purpose. I love the challenge of getting to know my clients and transforming a space that is filled with function, comfort, beauty and their personality. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to dream, create and imagine all the possibilities of a project while still remaining real to myself and true to my aesthetic as a designer.

My partner, Max, and I live in San Francisco and we’re currently remodeling our own home – a 100 year old Edwardian. I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of my FAVORITE projects to date. Beyond design, I have my hands in many other projects that empower entrepreneurs, especially women. I mentor a lot of individuals that have a small business or are thinking about branching out on their own. At 35, I have defined a path in which I am more confident in my career and eager to share, teach and pay it forward.

Every December, I set intentions to strive for in the upcoming year. While writing my intentions in 2015, I had this desire to REALLY give back and spend time working with an organization that speaks to me. I discovered The Her Initiative through the power of Instagram seeing the lovely Jenna Kutcher talk about her experience. Since then I kept Her on my radar and was inspired by their efforts, grace and compassion.

My friends have seen me bring awareness to clean water in the past. For my 32nd birthday, I asked loved ones to donate $32 to charity:water to bring clean water to developing countries. With clean water, a life can change tremendously effecting health, income and education. For my birthday we raised just under $1,000 – a beautiful birthday gift to share.

When I found out that the Her Initiative was on the same mission but focusing on women and children, my heart fluttered. Women are leaders of their communities, bearing children, caring for their home and spending hours collecting water daily. I wanted the opportunity to be a leader HERE, supporting women THERE. So here I am today. I want to learn about these women and children – their background, life stories and day to day. I want to educate others, spread the word and give back to create equality, safety and resources for women, men and children to live an abundant life. I want to be all in for Her with an open heart.

In addition to being an ambassador, I am also excited to mention that Gina Rachelle Design (GRD) is collaborating with The Her Initiative on a campaign, “Businesses for Her.” GRD is gearing up for leading The Her Initiative Office Makeover. By creating a beautifully designed office space for Her and Healing Waters, we will be impacting the global water crisis. A warm and inviting office will allow team members to carry out their mission and operations, host inspiring events, and connect with donors, which all lead to more clean water given to at-risk communities around the world!

I hope you will follow me on this journey as an ambassador and as a Business for Her. Together we can create change and watch it unfold, starting today.