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Businesses for HER
Businesses for Her are small businesses wanting to be a part of creating social good. They understand that they can make a significant difference in the world by aligning their business with a like-minded non-profit organization. Whether through a percentage donation given each month or a specific campaign with proceeds going to The Her Initiative, these businesses are always looking for new ways to connect their work to the greater good. Businesses for Her are compelled by our mission to end the global water crisis and our desire to empower women by doing so.
“...It truly is such a joy to share the business’ profits each month with an organization on such a life-changing mission. Bringing clean, safe water to people in need around the world, how significant and essential! How often, every single day, all day, we take for granted the gift that clean water is. For these woman and children to have easy access to water that does not cause disease or further the cycle of poverty is truly life-saving. By the grace of God we have been gifted our business, and by grace we give back to others. We feel so proud and excited to have Wayfaren’s profits be even a small part of The Her Initiative’s transformative work.”

Abby Hatteburg, Wayfaren Co.

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