How You Can Impact Over 5,200 Women this Month

How You Can Impact Over 5,200 Women this Month

One of my favorite conversations to have with you, our ministry partners, is how your support doesn’t just change people’s lives around the world, it changes your life too. The most common thing I hear when visiting community water projects with a group of donors is “Wow, I’m the one whose life was transformed on this trip! I wasn’t expecting that.”

Me too.

Every trip I have been on does something different in my heart. Sometimes it breaks because of the stories of grief and heartache. Sometimes it experiences more joy than thought imaginable: watching a community celebrating that they now have safe drinking water for the first time ever, mothers knowing their children will no longer be sick from water-related diseases, children given hope for their future!

This month we are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of The Her Initiative. Three years ago, I was tasked with starting something very new for Healing Waters – creating a movement around women. We have seen for many years that a lack of water steals dignity from women and girls and when safe water reaches their communities it brings great transformation!

Even more so, God is a God of dignity and justice and wants his daughters around the world to know they are loved (He wants this for you and me too). What I didn’t know was that The Her Initiative would heal me too. I have watched firsthand as women share that they know that God that loves them and their worth comes from Him. That changed me.

There were times I wasn’t believing this truth and over the last three years, I have continued to experience God’s grace through The Her Initiative. I experience incredible joy and gratitude when I watch women all around the world rally around their sisters in the developing world by hosting “parties for her” or attending our “fit for her” events. These may seem like small events but they are having great impact.

Over the last three years, The Her Initiative has brought safe water and health & hygiene education to 16,526 women! This is mostly through our #25for25 campaign, which means that when someone here signs up to give $25 a month, in one year they’ll impact the lives of 25 women. Sometimes we don’t think that something as simple as $25 can bring about change, but it can!

In honor of this little movement we started three years ago that has turned into an incredible community of women, we have a big goal to ask 2500 of you to give $25 before August 25th! This will impact over 5,200 women (and children, and men!) and we think it’s a great way to start out year 4 of The Her Initiative!

Please join us! A small gift can have GREAT impact and we really believe that we can raise just as much in 25 days as we did in one year!

P.S. I want to be clear that men are a part of this too and we deeply value the men who partner with us! I only had 500 words to talk about The Her Initiative in this letter but I would be happy to speak to any of you that may have questions or want to learn more! My office line is 303.407.2963 and I would love to hear from you!

For Her, Kayla Huff

Founder of The Her Initiative, Director of Development and Marketing

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