Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Jennie Lou Art

Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Jennie Lou Art

Written by Jennie Pitts from Jennie Lou Art:

Jennie Lou Art is a small business specializing in live wedding painting and personalized commission pieces. At its core, Jennie Lou Art was founded on a deep belief and desire to passionately pursue the gifts and calling God has so generously given – despite fears and in hope of giving others permission to do the same.

Years ago, I met Kayla over coffee and immediately recognized our similar values in business and in life. I am drawn to promote The Her Initiative and Healing Waters simply because we believe the same things – we believe in the individual and the power of one person to change the course of another’s life, simply by doing small things that matter.

I hope that my products point to encouragement and remind people of a hope to be found. I want my art hold captive joy and light in little things. I want my business to display a living hope: that an individual’s passions and gifts matter, and they can make a difference simply believing in themselves.

In supporting my work, the customer hopefully experiences an authentic and personal relationship with the artist; they feel like they are a part of the creative process and feel connected to their own custom piece of art.

I would encourage the greater Healing Waters and Her Initiative community to be a reflection of what you want the world to look like – do not be afraid to pursue the things on your heart, even if it is a simple past-time or a restful hobby on the side.

Be a reflection of what you want the world to look like.

Jennie Lou Art’s Website:

We, along with Jennie, believe that YOU CAN !

As a part of our community, you can receive this exclusive print from Jennie (in collaboration with Jenna Kutcher) by clicking here, selecting “The Her Initiative // Gifts for Her” in the drop-down menu, and making a $30 donation.

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