Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Joue Design

Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Joue Design

We interviewed Alison Kent from Joue Design, and this company is all about the art of lifestyle. When we received their stunning designer throw pillows in the mail, we were absolutely in awe. The fascinating thing about Joue is that each piece is fashioned from a hand-crafted design, not computer generated. We loved the high-end, yet authentic touch that it brought to our space, as you can see below. I have loved hearing more about Alison’s heart behind what she does, specifically her heart for long-term connection with those she serves. Read more below to see what I mean…

Joue is here to think differently. Design is not about fitting into the latest trends. It’s for us to stand out and lead, taking interpretations from low-end (combing through thrift shops) to merging with high-end (fresh off the runways of Paris Fashion Week).


Can you tell us a little bit about your company’s vision and purpose?

At Joue Design, we seek to bring the soul-reaching benefits of art-inspired design down from the walls and into the rest of your surroundings. We love featuring “the authentic hand of the Artist” as opposed to computer-generated graphics in design.


What are your company’s core values or driving force behind what you do?

We are all about the benefits of art, and creating a connection to the artist – their style, their hand, their process. We love collaboration and working with other artists and artisans as well – like in these pillows, with local artist Dana Mooney.


What does your partnership with The Her Initiative mean to you?

Art is a medium that crosses all socio-economic boundaries. It can touch spirits and bring people together, much like The Her Initiative. As we are an entirely women-operated company, we also strive to lift women up and walk alongside both their struggles and successes.


How do you view your specific role in this dynamic community?

At Joue Design, we see our successes as everybody’s successes. We strive to support both local and global businesses, artists, artisans and give-back organizations. We’re all in this together!


What inspired you to have your company’s focus be on holistic, sustainable change in the world?

Our local Vancouver/Seattle ECO Fashion Week group has been a great inspiration lately, in challenging us to be responsible with our textiles (sourcing, printing methods, useage, etc). We realize that our sustainability will be an ongoing journey, but it’s one we’re excited to be on!


What is the customer’s experience in choosing to purchase your products?

It’s been amazing to see customer’s excitement in feeling like with our products they are also a part of our bigger picture, whether in simply feeling connected to a piece of art and a group of artisans, to knowing they are also supporting our circle of commitment to helping others, such as through Healing Waters / Her Initiative.


Check out more of Joue’s fabulous pieces at:


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