Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Ramie Michelle Art

Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Ramie Michelle Art

We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing women. Although they have many different talents, we can all come together with the same heart to empower women and end the Global Water Crisis. It has been an honor to get to know this artist, Ramie Frantz, whose heart is so full of compassion and vision for making the world a better place. She has been so kind to donate her gorgeous piece called “The Water’s High” for our office makeover project. The aesthetic quality of our ‘walking tour’ is so important – I’m such a firm believer that presentation and communication of what we do is everything. When our office is remodeled, we will be able to show people like you, in a very tangible way, key needs in the communities we work with, and what we do to meet these needs – including demonstrations of our purification systems! Without further ado, let me introduce you to our office makeover partner, Ramie Frantz from Ramie Michelle Art!

Can you tell us a little bit about your company’s vision and purpose?

The vision and purpose behind my art is to help others discover something that is within them in the way  only art and it’s process can. I want to use my art as a means to communicate and connect with others more deeply than what’s on the surface. My vision for my art is to draw people into my work, leaving space to then start a conversation between people and between the cultivation of creativity.


What are your core values or driving force behind what you do?

The driving force behind what I do is communication. Art is a means of communication for me. It has always been my voice even when I felt like I didn’t have one. I want to show others what story I have to tell and in return see what story unfolds for them as they see my work and are able to ponder what it says and how it speaks to them.


What does your partnership with Healing Waters and The Her Initiative mean to you?

To me, my partnership with Healing Waters and The Her Initiative means growing a community of like minded individuals, seeking to empower others. I believe that when we share the responsibility, we can then hold each other accountable and use our combined talents and resources to take steps in making a change. It takes people acting on the vision they share.


How do you view your specific role in this dynamic community?

I see my role as someone that has been gifted with the ability to feel things deeply but also knowing how to communicate those feelings in a form and market that is ever growing. God was the first creator and I believe in His desire to create man to be like Him, He also created us to be creators. Being a creator doesn’t mean you have to be an artist. I believe He’s given us all gifts and passions that reveal Him and His character through us and when we thrive in those passions, He speaks and He moves in.


What inspired you to have your company’s focus be on holistic, sustainable change in the world?

My biggest inspiration when creating are nature, people, culture and experiences. These things fuel my imagination which lead me to create. I’ve been inspired to partner with companies that are focused on bettering the environment and communities because these are the things I love about the world we live in.


How would you encourage the Healing Waters / Her Initiative community to be a part of what we’re doing with this office makeover and beyond?

I would encourage others to be apart of this incredible cause because we share this generous planet and its resources, so we share the responsibility to love and help one another.

“In art, there is a never ending flow of give and take. Every mark and stroke are dependent on the one before it. It comes together layer upon layer, never focusing on just one piece because it is only complete in it’s entirety. In order to end the global water crisis, the qualities shown in my works must be present: togetherness and dependency.” -Ramie Michelle

Check out more of Ramie’s work at: ! Insta handle: @ramiemichelle


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