Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Wayfaren Co

Office Makeover Partner Highlight: Wayfaren Co

We are so excited to introduce you to Wayfaren, a company that we have partnered with for a few years, and hopefully for years to come. They sent us one of their pushpin maps, so that we could mark each country that we have projects operating in. This awesome business is owned and run by Luke and Abby out of their Dallas, TX home. Luke and Abby believe in the investment of experience. They handcraft beautiful keepsakes that are worthy of this adventure we call life. But don’t take my word for it, check out what Abby had to say below! To get your own pushpin map like this one, head over to their website here!



1.) Can you tell us a little bit about your company’s vision and purpose?

We believe in the power & life-giving beauty of investing in experience. Our hope is that we can all live a little more like we travel – slowly, savoring, seeking out adventure all around us. Our products are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted for reminiscing on your greatest adventures and dreaming up new ones everyday. Live • Travel • Savor 

2.) What are your company’s core values or driving force behind what you do?

We seek to craft the highest quality products the will help customers hold on to their memories for years to come. Customer satisfaction and experience is one of the most important aspects of our job.

3.) What does your partnership with Healing Waters and The Her Initiative mean to you?

We feel so thankful for Wayfaren’s partnership with The Her Initiative these past two years. It truly is such a joy to share the business’ profits each month with an organization on such a life-changing mission. Bringing clean, safe water to people in need around the world, how significant and essential! How often, every single day, all day, we take for granted the gift that clean water is. For these people to have easy access to water that does not cause disease or further the cycle of poverty is truly life-saving. By the grace of God we have been gifted our business, and by grace we give back to others. We feel so proud and excited to have Wayfaren’s profits be even a small part of The Her Initiative’s transformative work.

4.) In what ways do your products point towards ending the Global Water Crisis?

Inspiring others to travel, see, and experience cultures all over the world! The more connected we are the smaller the gaps will be- this is how we can play a small part in the Global Water Crisis and many others.

5.) How do you view your specific role in this dynamic community?

We hope to be a small force of inspiration with our customers as stated above and hopefully a significant financial partner in supporting this community.

6.) What inspired you to have your company’s focus be on holistic, sustainable change in the world?

If we aren’t in part focused on change in the world and helping other, what is the point?!

7.) What is the customer’s experience in choosing to purchase your products?

Our customers are searching for meaningful, high-quality products that help them to hold on to their memories from their greatest adventures. They have an appreciate for timeless design and seek to support the small business.


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