Our Super Intern

Our Super Intern

This summer Corinna Carney joined The Her Initiative team as an intern and we could not be more thrilled!


Corinna has been transfixed by creative problem solving and the joy of learning how different communities do life since church mission trips to areas devastated by natural disasters like Joplin, MO and at-risk youth in urban communities like Chicago. During her freshman year of college, she saw in the marginalized neighborhoods of Dallas, TX and Denver, CO that change starts with deep intentional relationships with individuals and sought out to pursue a degree in International Studies with a concentration in Global Health at the University of Denver.  Corinna believes that those closest to the problem can make waves and is inspired by the community empowerment model that The Her Initiative follows. When she’s not in office you can find her petting every French Bulldog she sees, holding babies, playing in the Rocky Mountains, or talking about how she hopes to see Peyton Manning play another game some day.

This girl knows where it’s at and knows how to bring joy to every situation that she is in. She keeps us on our toes with fresh ideas, works hard to keep The Her Initiative looking good, and is driven to understand what it means to work for a non profit and learn as much as she can in the office with the rest of our team. (And she does all of this while looking very trendy. How can one person always be dressed so well?!)


We love you Corinna!

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