Pinch of Colour: Beauty With a Cause

Pinch of Colour: Beauty With a Cause

My name is Linda Treska and in 2016 I launched the first ever Waterless color cosmetics line in the United States, Pinch of Colour.

Having been affected by water deficiency in my youth and traveling to developing countries as an adult, I have been struck by the crucial role potable water plays in helping to create and maintain communities and ensuring the health of those who inhabit them.

This heightened awareness led me to create the first lifestyle beauty brand that delivers beauty with a cause: to conserve water. By incorporating modern technology with waterless products that are infused with good-for-you ingredients, Pinch of Colour is an eco-friendly product line that supports sustainable living.

Through Pinch of Colour, my vision for water conservation and an environmentally conscious lifestyle continues. Part of the proceeds of Pinch of Colour are donated to support Water Charities and raise funds to improve access to safe, clean drinking water in third world countries.

By incorporating modern technology with water-free formulas infused with good-for-you ingredients, Pinch of Colour is an eco-friendly beauty brand that supports sustainable living. Marrying a global aesthetic with high-performing, good-for-you formulas, Pinch of Colour provides a sensorial experience with each application. Because we don’t dilute our makeup with water, we’ve created highly concentrated formulations that provide the highest levels of efficacy.

Superfood ingredients and saturated, eye-catching pigments deliver stunning color payoff and wear. And, as we believe beauty should feel as good as it looks, Pinch of Colour products are formulated without the use of water, parabens, toxins, mineral oil and sulfates.

My team and I are dedicated to weaving the inspiration gained from our world travels with a philanthropic mission to give back to the communities we have touched, and been touched by. Our first collaboration was with an organization called Clean Water for Children. Through this partnership we sponsored a water well in Kolkata, India that now provides and entire village with clean and drinkable water.

At Pinch of Colour, we believe in less is more. That looking beautiful should never come at the expense of others…or our shared planet. We believe that creating modern, healthy and leading-edge color cosmetics without the use of water helps to nourish the skin, and conserve our most precious natural resource. We believe in supporting a charity that does the same.

We are Pinch of Colour. We are Beauty With a Cause.

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