A Thriving Community

Clean water doesn’t just keep people healthy. It gives them opportunity.

We arrived at the mountainous community of Sierra Prieta in the early afternoon. The women were carrying chairs down the road from their homes to the shady spot under a tree where we would sit and meet with them. This level of hospitality blew me away. There are a million other things they could probably be doing, yet they wanted our time with them to be comfortable. When is the last time I went out of my way to make sure someone was comfortable and knew they were valued?

We circled around the tree and met 15 of the most amazing women. Through our partnership with Food for the Hungry, we are able to see these women empowered and living healthy lives. These women invest in their communities teaching health & hygiene! Four of them run the entire Water store! In just a few months they have signed up 200 families who are now getting safe water and being educated on how to best use it. Almost 100% of the community is now drinking clean water!

Then we met Danika. She is phenomenal. This beautiful young woman has been trained through our Healing Water’s empowerment training to work as the Water System Manager. She is responsible for all the equipment, makes repairs on the water filtration system, and runs the water store. This young girl has stepped into a role of leadership with such grace and excitement.

Clean water doesn’t just keep people healthy. It gives them opportunity.  It allows them to be trained and educated and empowered. It gives them a space to create a community that is thriving and where a team of 15 women can change their community’s future!  -Kayla Fruchtman