A Woman’s Value

There was a time that I didn't value myself as a woman.

Sometimes filming someone’s story can feel like an out of body experience. An individual’s personal story is sacred, and it is a privilege to be invited into hearing it, so being fully present is important but often difficult when also focused on filming. That’s why having the opportunity to sit down and listen to three women share their stories while in Guatemala earlier this year was such a powerful experience. 

Two came with the intention of sharing their stories, one woman came to just listen and experience it. Marcella said she could not read or write, and thus did not feel like she had anything worth sharing. She felt as if the other, more educated women’s stories had more value. She had spent the past six weeks  spending time with and learning with a group of women in their community who were going through Healing Waters’ Health and Hygiene program. Through the program, she had experienced something that is very foreign in her culture: real community. In her eyes, these other two women came from a different “class.” She said that, if it was not for this group, she would have never been able to be friends with them. The two other women quickly told her that was not the case. 

After I interviewed the two other women who so graciously shared their stories, Marcella spoke up that she too wanted to share. I hesitated because I knew she was very nervous when she came, so I did not want her to feel any pressure. But she was determined! She asked the other two women to hold up the “Clothed in Strength & Dignity” banner behind my camera for encouragement. I saw her walls break down as I witnessed the community she was a part of. 

“I didn’t value myself as a woman.” This isn’t foreign though, is it? At times, do we not overlook our worth and our value? Some days are hard to truly say that I am claiming to be a daughter of God. I think this woman and her strength to share her story is what we need more of. Find community. Wherever you are. And share your story. 

When you have a tribe of women surrounding you, you  can do the impossible.