Clothed in Strength & Dignity

My first interaction with Claire was interviewing her for a newsletter in April. She traveled into Santo Domingo just to skype with me.

That is the kind of woman she is – she will go above and beyond to serve. As we got to know each other across a computer screen, I was amazed at her determination, her desire to truly change a community, and her work ethic.

I’ve spent time with Claire in person quite a few times now and each time I am more and more blown away. Claire’s family left a comfortable life to serve the Haitians living in Villa Hermosa in the Dominican Republic. When she was 18 she started a school for the Haitian children because they didn’t have the proper papers to attend the public school. She is still the director of the school and is also studying at the university, as well as working as the health & hygiene trainer in Villa Hermosa.

She has taught our “Clothed in Strength & Dignity” curriculum to many of the young women in the community. She is respected by everyone in the community and the children flock to her. She is a safe haven in Villa Hermosa.

My most recent time with Claire was spent conducting a health fair for hundreds of people in the community. The church was completely packed and the kids were itching with excitement. As soon as Claire walked to the front of the room, all eyes were on her and the children listened attentively. Claire is using clean water and health & hygiene as a way to reach this community with absolute love and grace. -Kayla Fruchtman