Easing My Burden

A reflection on my time spent trying to impact change.

Since launching The Her Initiative, a lot in my life has changed. The most significant change was getting married to an amazing man who not only supports my dreams and passions, but celebrates them! Nathan doesn’t just offer an encouraging word, he runs with a million ideas of how he too can support the work we are doing using his own gifts and talents. 

Having such a supportive spouse makes me hurt even more for the women we work with –many who have been abandoned, abused, and exploited by the men in their life. The absence of men in these communities has left women to all the responsibilities in her home and in her community.

On our last trip to the Dominican Republic, I took Nathan on the “infamous” water walk that showcases the long, grueling walk that women in the community of Hoyo Oscuro took multiple times a day. For the first time ever, I walked the trail without a bucket in hand. Nathan quickly took the plastic bucket, filled it, and made the symbolic walk back. He eased my burden.

As I walked back with both my hands and heart light, I once again was reminded that we HAVE to support men in these communities, too! They need to be taught, counseled, and mentored to carry the burdens (and the water) of the women in their communities. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – The Her Initiative is for everyone, and we would be doing a great disservice to men and boys if we turn a blind eye.

Let’s commit to raising strong, kind men who support, celebrate, and uplift the women in their lives!