Reduce, Reuse, Restyle: How We Hope to Change the World Through Ethical Shopping

Reduce, Reuse, Restyle: How We Hope to Change the World Through Ethical Shopping

One question I always get in this line of work is “Can my $25 really help in ending the Global Water Crisis?!” and I always answer with a resounding “YES!” Any impact on the Global Water Crisis is helping to end the Global Water Crisis.


So I felt like a giant hypocrite when I never thought that by changing my shopping habits, I could have an impact on not just the Global Water Crisis but on the world and the environment too! I woke up one Saturday morning and couldn’t fall asleep so I decided to make a pot of coffee and browse Netflix. I came across a documentary called “The True Cost,” and, two hours later, I was a changed woman.


The documentary sheds a lot of light into the fashion industry and how “fast fashion” is having devastating effects on our world. The waste produced is destroying our environment, the working conditions for the workers in the developing world are horrific, and it wastes and pollutes so. much. water.


Game changer.(I fully accept my obsession with ending the Global Water Crisis.)


So, when I started digging into the research I realized that I couldn’t fully be a champion for this cause if I didn’t have a problem buying clothes from unethical brands. Fast fashion factories will dump chemicals into the water sources that the local communities drink out of. On top of that, the amount of water it takes to produce one cotton shirt could provide water to a person for 2 and a half years!? WHAT!?!


I am very excited to be bringing ethical shopping into the forefront of our work here at The Her Initiative because it’s another very tangible way we can all work to support our fellow sisters around the world!


I’m inviting you to join me on this journey as I rediscover my closet, educate myself on more sustainable and ethical brands, and practice self-care through a more intentional understanding of my own style.


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