Reflection on My Journey For Her

Reflection on My Journey For Her

When something grows into an enormous part of your life, it is hard to pinpoint where it all started. I’ve always had an interest in the global women’s community and my contribution to it; however embodying the message of Her in my daily life has completely transformed my interests.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day when I noticed that Desiree Hartsock had posted something about a new organization that she was supporting. It automatically caught my attention, as it seemed to put a name and brand to a cause I had somehow already been supporting. Wanting to know more about Her, I googled the organization. After reading about the mission of Her and the purpose of this community of  women, I was inspired to help. I think that the mission of the Her Initiative is what makes it unique and what made me feel like I could become involved. Unlike other organizations, I strongly believe that The Her Initiative is creating a real community, and is an organization that strives to have its supporters directly involved. I felt welcomed by the women of Her, I felt like I could make a difference in this community, and I felt as if I could carry the message of Her effortlessly.

Yet, the aspect of Her that made me want to join the community most was the open interpretation that I took for the meaning of what it meant to support Her. I could support Her by simply helping a friend out in a tough time, as I remind Her how strong women are. I could support Her by raising awareness on the water crisis and how it negatively impacts the role of women in developing areas. Most importantly, I can support the mission of Her by supporting myself. The Her Initiative has inspired me to have a positive outlook on certain aspects of my life, as I motivate myself to do more. The Her Initiative makes me realize all the power and potential I possess as a young woman, and I am so excited to use what I learn to help other women realize their power within.

I thank 2015 for introducing me to the Her Initiative, and I am happy to see what 2016 will bring for Her!

“Girls everywhere are strong, they are capable, and they will determine our future. It is our responsibility to help them fulfill their dreams.” – Angelica Fuentes


  1. Kayla

    Woo hoo!! Love having you on board, Sam! Looking forward to what 2016 has in store! xoxo

    Jan 19, 2016 - 02:27 PM