Saturate, Don’t Curate

Saturate, Don’t Curate

Whether we choose it or not, each of our lives are saturated by outside influences.

For the millennial generation more often than not, one of those influences is social media. We spend hours scrolling through feeds in awe of photos that depict adventure, freedom, and perfectly frosted donuts and then hours more curating our own photos that we hope will capture the admiration of others. We push our dirty dishes to one side of the kitchen and photograph a strategically placed pie on the 2 feet of clean counter space. We photograph ourselves at the top of a mountain and intentionally crop out the 40 people who also decided to make the same trek that day in order to make it look like we had a morning of solitude.

For the working mom, she spends hours comparing herself to all the other moms she knows, wondering if she’s doing a good job. If her little girl’s hair bow isn’t perfectly placed, or her son seems to have forgotten his manners, is she still a good mother? She’s pressured to feel like perfection is attainable (Hint: it’s not). Her thoughts are saturated on whether she is good enough.

For the retired husband, he’s not sure which hobby to saturate himself with next. The 40 hour work week no longer exists, so how will he now spend his time? What can he distract his idleness with since he no longer finds his worth wrapped up in his job? How can he curate his days so that he still looks important and respected among his peers?

Lately, there is a lot of buzz going on around the idea of “curating” your life to have a certain look and appeal. We see it everywhere. We scroll through it on Instagram daily. We watch celebrities and politicians curate their speeches to reach their specific audience. Curating doesn’t let us live authentically. In my opinion, it robs us of a life truly lived.

What if instead of curating our lives, we saturated them with meaning? What if we put our resources towards something more? And what if we took it even further by inspiring others to do the same?

Join us as we step into something that is going to truly give life to hundreds of thousands of people. Invite your friends. Tell your co-workers. The more people we bring alongside us in times of generosity only increases the amount of life we get to give.

In many places around the world, people wake up wondering where their next drink of water will come from. Parents watch their children suffer from illness that could easily be cured if they only had access to clean water. Physical, social, and economic growth is stunted. We’re ready to change that.

We are ready to saturate the world with clean water. We’re starting in Mexico and then we’ll take it further. Come with us!


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