Strength in Community

Strength in Community

Written by Her Ambassador, Abi Gallagher:


Surely not everybody was kung-fu fighting.

I saw this quote on a friend’s Pinterest feed and it made me laugh. It also got me thinking about competition and how sometimes today’s society cultivates the appearance that we are all competing––”kung-fu fighting” if you will––to get to the top.

What I love about The Her Initiative is that at the very heart and core of the organization is empowering others.

We are women, thriving on #allthefeels and who know the immeasurable value that both encouragement and genuine support bring to the table. Let’s be women who call out the greatness in one another. Our Heavenly Father knit worth, love, promises, and dreams into our being. How often we forget this.

I was talking with a friend the other day about how sweet it was that this older gentleman stopped me in Whole Foods just to tell me that I was beautiful. It really touched me and made me smile! Just how Mark Twain once said, “I could live two months off of a good compliment” how many dreams could be fueled if we breathed life (support) into them with our encouragement? We all know that sometimes believing in ourselves is a roller coaster and if we were as vocal and quick to encourage one another as that older gentleman was to compliment a complete stranger, then I think we could move mountains.

We can live in a way that empowers others around us in many ways. We practice this by showing love, giving grace, and keeping accountability a priority. When we feel loved, we feel safe. I know personally, it’s easier for me to open up and share dreams with my close friends because I know they are hearing my heart with openness and without judgment.

Let’s be women who love each other well and cultivate that safe environment where dreams can be set free and come alive.

Give each other grace, because life happens sometimes. Lastly, let’s keep each other accountable. There are studies that show the importance of accountability and knowing that someone is rooting for you to succeed. Check in on one another and send over mini-pep talks when needed! You just might say the right thing at the right time!

There is power of both death and life in the tongue. Let’s remember the weight that our words truly carry and use them to empower our tribe to do great things in the world.

That’s exactly what Healing Waters and The Her Initiative are doing. They operate from eyes that see the value and worth in everyone. They provide clean water and health & hygiene education to women and children in developing countries. As I learn more and more about The Her Initiative and Healing Waters, I can’t help but want to be a part and support this great cause!

And personally, I would rather that song sound something like this: “everybody was kung-fu dancing…”