Healthy Her: Your Wellness Journey

Healthy Her: Your Wellness Journey

Over the last few years I’ve noticed that while training, we as women tend to beat ourselves up when we start a fitness journey (yoga, cross-fit, running, Pilates, strength training, etc.) then decide we no longer like it, or we want to try something new. It’s as if we decided that starting an activity then wanting to do something else makes us a quitter, and is a terrible reflection of who we are.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Isn’t that the beauty of the world we live in today? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ways for us to be active. The sky is literally the limit. Personally, I’ve tried out so many activities that I couldn’t even list them all. But just for fun… here are a few: Running, weight lifting, cross-fit, yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, basketball, tennis, volleyball, Pilates, snorkeling, boot-camps, mud runs, fun runs, gym workouts, home workouts, park workouts, TRX workouts, kettle bell workouts, hula hooping, rope climbing… you get the point.

The idea that when we try something new we have to love it and commit to it forever is crazy. That’s like saying you have to only eat  salad for the rest of your life. Why would you do that when there are thousands of other wonderful food options that you can choose from that are both nourishing to your body, as well as delicious? It makes zero sense  that we have to choose one sport, activity or exercise routine and stick with it forever, otherwise we are quitters and we have failed.

I am NOT saying you should quit something just because it’s hard, or makes you feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, I’m a huge advocate for stepping outside of our comfort zone and trying new things that make us feel a little bit uncomfortable. That is where we learn, grow and become better. BUT if you try cross-fit for 3 months and then decide you want to try something different, that is OK!

Think about how much we can gain when we learn a new sport or new activity. Think about how much you learn about your body, the way it moves or functions and the things you can do. You WILL experience accomplishments when you challenge yourself to new activities. But take those accomplishments and those experiences and when you’re ready to move on and try something new, do it. Don’t feel guilty, or let anyone’s criticisms bring you down.

The whole point of wellness is that we’re setting aside time that is just for us, and enhancing our lives. Whatever you choose to do, it should make you feel good and proud and strong. If your wellness routine isn’t adding anything to your life, change it!

While working to empower others, let’s not forget to empower ourselves. We have an opportunity as a community of women to come together and support one another to try new things.

Check out a new class at your gym or join a local running club. Challenge yourself to climb a mountain or take rock climbing lessons. Whatever it is that gets you excited and reinvigorated. If you try something new and find that it’s not for you, don’t worry about it! Continue searching for things that make you feel great, because that’s what your wellness is all about.


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