Get Social for Her

Get Social for Her

We believe in the power of social media.  It has so much potential for so much good! We have made some of the sweetest friendships with people we have connected with on Instagram!

Did you read our story about getting connected to Joanna Waterfall, the founder of The Yellow Conference? Things like that keep happening. I reached out to Jenna Kutcher from a simple connection on Instagram and within 18 hours I was booking her flight to come with us to the Dominican Republic a week before our trip!  How amazing is that?!

Social media gives us the opportunity to not only share our stories, but to share yours too! And we hope the things we post compel you to share it with your friends! After all, sharing is caring!

So, “Get social for Her” and we’ll be social for you! We want to hear your thoughts, see your posts, and encourage you along the way! This a way we can create a community for good. And we need you to be able to make it all happen!

Here are 5 ways that you can get social for Her:


  1. Follow us on Facebook and share the love!

Our facebook page is our newest addition so it needs a lot of love and attention! We’d love for you to “like” our page and promote it to all your friends! It’s also a great place for you to keep up with all the Her happenings!


  1. Follow us on Instagram!

We love the Instagram community! Follow @the_her_initiative to stay up-to-date with all we are doing and the fun things we have coming up! We are building quite the community through Instagram and want you to join. We’ll be hosting giveaways, featuring #fridayhergirls (see below), and other exciting things.


  1. Nominate a #FridayHerGirl

One way that we love to connect with the incredible women who support us is our #fridayhergirl posts. We want to feature real women who are empowering those around them! Nominate a #fridayhergirl by sending a Direct Message on Instagram to @the_her_initiative or sending an email to Kayla at


  1. Tag #25for25 when you get your her tank top

When you join the #25for25 movement, we will send you a her tank top as a small thank you gift and as a way for you to continue to spread the word about The Her Initiative. We would love for you to share photo of you in your tank on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag us! Just tag @the_her_initiative and use the hashtag #25for25


  1. #CleanwaterforHer & #HelpUsHelpHer

Let’s start a movement. Let’s get the word out about why clean water and health & hygiene education are so important. Take a picture of your glass of clean water after a long run and tell us why #cleanwaterforher is so important. Repost a picture from our Instagram feed and ask your friends to #helpushelpher. There are so many creative ways that you can help us tell the story! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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