A Halloween Party for Her

A Halloween Party for Her

Do you have any Halloween plans? Not much of a scary-themed type person? Then you came to the right place! Here at the Her Initiative we are all about parties that have a purpose while still maintaining that fun and cute vibe we love!


There is a fine line between tacky and creative Halloween treats, and it’s never fun to be the one to cross it! However, if you follow along, your party will be the hit of the year! Instead of doing bat shaped cookies, why not try making sugar cookies with silk black icing? It is all about getting into the Halloween spirit while staying classy. Why don’t we stop calling it a basic ole’ Halloween party and instead refer to it as our Classy Halloween Party for Her!


Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins, so try using pumpkin flavored treats and they’ll be a hit. For example, one of my favorite pumpkin treat are pumpkin scones. They go great with a cup of hot chocolate.


A chili bar is also a fun option if you are looking for some savory additions to your menu! Just use your favorite chili recipe and surround it with all the fixings. My personal favorites are sour cream, cheese (of course!), Fritos, green onions, and oyster crackers.


I have never been much of a baker or chef, so let’s get on to my favorite part of any party: the decorations and all things crafts! Decorations are essential to any fun party. The Her Initiative is all about having a happy atmosphere full of women that are concerned with international development and also want the best for each other. It may be hard to get that vibe if your Halloween party is traditional and spooky.


However, you can keep some traditional elements if you elevate them. There are so many things you can do with pumpkin decorations. Use it as a candle holder or in a creative wreath. When in doubt, pumpkins are your friend. If you don’t want to keep all those pumpkins after the party, have your guests paint them or decorate them as a fun activity toward the end of your party!


In addition, skulls are a great way to still be classy yet spooky. Ever seen skull plant holders? (link) They’ll look great with your favorite succulents, roses, sunflowers, or any assortment of flowers! Our friends at Wayfaren (link) are sure to get you the items you want for your classy Halloween party.


Costumes are a fun way for people to dress up and show their personality! I remember growing up and always playing “dress up” with my sisters, so when Halloween comes up I get so excited to be a kid again. Not everyone is a big fan of costumes, and your guests may not want to put the effort in, so it is a great idea to have some backup masks and quick costumes for those guests that happened to “forget” their costumes (you know who you are). Worried about how some of your guests will come dressed up? Attach a specific theme to your party dress code so people know how they should dress. Everyone could come dressed up as their favorite super hero or their favorite singer growing up. The options are endless.


Included are some photos that are likely to give you some great inspiration for a party for Her. We hope you enjoy the party and have a scary-tastic time!


Kim (Campaign Coordinator and Marketing Summer Intern)

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