Ethical Shopping for the Holidays

Ethical Shopping for the Holidays

The holidays are known as a time in which people are willing to spend a lot of money to make themselves and their loved ones happy. In fact, in the United States alone, consumers spent $655 billion last holiday season. Amidst the buying frenzy, it’s easy to forget that the purchases we are all making truly shape the world around us and send a message to the companies who produce the products we consume. Through our purchases, we are telling them that whatever practices their company has, we are ok with—or we are at least willing to look past for our convenience. However, the massive carbon footprint being left behind and the negative treatment of workers overseas is something we need to take into consideration before spending this year.


With the busyness of the holiday season, we understand convenience is important. However, it’s important to value the people who are manufacturing our purchases. And, considering the holiday season leaves an insane carbon footprint, you can be a part of cutting back on that!


There are so many ethical clothing brands and ethical toy brands that you can invest in instead of going the fast route. I guarantee you will feel better and more responsible about wrapping the presents you buy this year and putting them under the tree. Need some help and direction in finding some good brands? Below are some ideas, but there are so many options! Don’t be afraid to really dig deep and research ethical brands!

  1. The Everyday Co.-

Based on Boston, Massachusetts, these home goods are small batch, hand-made, insanely gorgeous, and would make such fun stocking stuffers! They hope to see your paper towel and paper napkin use decrease once you buy their durable products.

  1. Ethical Kidz

This company uses sustainable materials to minimize the damage on the environment. They promote kids having fun while being healthy, active, and environmentally friendly!

  1. Amour Vert

This sustainable fashion company calls themselves “the most sustainable fashion company in the world.” Not only do they create and design their beautiful fashion line, but they pioneer entirely new fabrics that don’t pollute the planet. Also, if you buy a tee, you help plant a tree!


  1. United by Blue

These fun, durable, tees, socks, water bottles (and much more!) make such great gifts! Also, for every product sold, United by Blue will remove a pound of waste from the ocean. . .which obviously, we love!

  1. Follain

With small batch, sustainably sourced skincare products, you will not have so sacrifice health for beauty.


A lot of consignment stores typically have gift cards, so this is a cheaper way to invest in sustainable shopping, and it gives the person receiving your gift the opportunity to pick out their own clothing to fit their unique style.


This holiday season, would you consider joining me and the rest of the team at the Her Initiative to not only shop ethically, but also to use your money and other resources to support and help others? Ending the Global Water Crisis is a noble holiday wish, and we would love for you to be a special part of empowering women in the developing world!

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