Party for Her!

Party for Her!

Who doesn’t like a good party? As a former event planner, I love dreaming up parties- from themes, to food, to fun DIY décor. But I also love it when a party has a purpose. I like going to a party and feeling like I did more than just eat and drink and have the same conversation for the 19th time with a new face.


Let’s Party For Her! Let’s throw her the best party possible and introduce her to all of our friends! I bet they would love to meet her. They would love to hear about where she’s from, what her day to day life looks like, what she does to make a living, take care of her family, etc. They want to hear her story. And once they’ve met her they will want to support her.


See, that is what I am learning more and more – our friends want to be invited into something bigger! They wish to be a part of a cause and a community. They want to celebrate and they want to be celebrated! And what a shame it would be if we didn’t do that. So let’s invite them to be a part of The Her Initiative and #25for25!


When we join a community of like-minded women who are changing the world, we are empowering ourselves and those around us! By asking your friends to join The Her Initiative with you, you are stepping into a new relationship together – one that bonds you even more! What can you give up as a community to give $25 a month to women and children in the developing world? Will you pledge your pedicure? Will you give up your latte? Will you host happy hour at your place instead of going out? I guarantee that if you give up something together, your community and commitment to each other will actually grow! Be influencers together!


So I would like to invite you to host a Party for Her and I will personally help you along the way! You can download our party planner here or send me an email and we’ll get the party started. (Pun intended!)


Can’t wait to party with you!



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