We Saved a Seat for You

We Saved a Seat for You

This summer, I joined a 20s small group with the church I was going to. I had literally lived in Denver for a week, and I knocked on the door of a stranger’s house to meet over 25 people around my age. . .who were also complete strangers. Needless to say, I was absolutely terrified and completely overwhelmed.


However, I was greeted with open arms by the Stewarts (the couple who hosted us) and by everyone else in the group. We met in the Stewarts’ backyard, a lovely space complete with Christmas lights hanging from the patio and flickering candles strewn over a long table that sat all of us. Around this long table, we met for weeks and went around person by person answering questions, talking about our fears and struggles, and sharing hope of what was to come. It was such a beautiful experience, and it centered around the concept of a table where all are welcome, even if (like me the first week I showed up) you feel like they have nothing to bring or nothing to add to the conversation.


Hopefully, you have experienced something like that. Perhaps for you, it was sitting around the table every night for dinner with your family and sharing how your day was. Maybe it was being in college and sitting around a table with your roommates talking about your professors, classes, and work. Maybe it was sitting across the table from one person you cherish more than anything and feeling at home with them. Whatever it may be, beautiful things can happen around a table.


This winter, we are hoping that you feel like you can join us. We hope you feel like I felt this summer sitting around the Stewarts’ table. We welcome you with open arms, we want to hear your voice, we want to see the joy you spread, we want to come alongside you as you strive to empower people everywhere with the gift of clean water. We hope you feel like you have a seat at our table.


As we constantly dive into conversations about international development, we understand you may not feel like you have a voice. . .but you do! You can use social media, your church, a special event, a fundraiser, or any other outlet you have to spread the word about ending the Global Water Crisis.


We talk about donating a lot. You may feel like you have nothing to offer. . .but you DO! Every dollar counts! In fact, it only takes $25 a month to help 25 people have clean water for a year! Here is a past blog (insert link) that talks about how you can save money and donate to our cause!


Lastly, we also talk a lot about using our time to end the Global Water Crisis. You may feel stretched in a million different directions and feel as if you don’t have any time to spare in this season to help. If that’s the case, you are STILL welcome! We hope to continue inspiring you and sharing stories of hope until you enter a new season with less stress and worry, and we would love to have your help when you reach that point. No matter what. . .we saved a seat for you. We can’t wait to share stories of hope this holiday season, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of them!

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